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I provide generic IT support to individuals and small companies as well as professional Linux system engineering and 'devops' consulting for various organizations.


I provide the following services to individuals and small companies, as long as it stays relatively small:

  • Web hosting: static websites, PHP/Wordpress-based services, wikis.
    • 'privacy-friendly', Europe-based analytics via
  • Mail hosting via, a small company based in Switzerland.
  • Linux & MacOS backups via
  • Simple monitoring, i.e. you get an email when your website goes down.

If you have other needs, I can help you setup and maintain the righ tool, but I probably won't be hosting it directly. You will pay for the hosting/server directly, and I'll bill my work/support on an hourly basis.

Computer skills

That's the kind of fancy text that lands in (my) resume. It's not relevant for everyone...

I am a Linux system administrator/engineer with experience ranging from small hand-managed infrastructures to large environments and datacenter building blocks. I can build a physical cloud from the ground up (hard- ware, networking, storage, virtualization, containers, configuration-management, monitoring, security topics and mail/web/directory services).

I regularly take up software development and integration tasks alongside standard operation work. I am familiar with the functional, object-oriented and system programming paradigms, as well as with web technologies. I mostly use the Elixir, Shell and Ruby programming languages for my own projects, but have already worked with significant Python, Java/Scala, Perl, golang and C codebases.

Working and exchanging with less technical users is a plus for me - I enjoy explaining, and working with people brings sense to my work. I’ve done so through work, open-source projects and local free-software groups.

Recent work