I have been working in the IT world for years, and offer various support and engineering services in the following areas:

  • Linux system engineering: the core of my activity, from small 1-node infrastructure... to setting up whole datacenters and private clouds.
  • Software development: I develop various tools next to operation-work (making me 'DevOps'). I've worked on low-level system tools (configuration management/ deployments, monitoring, integrations) as well as on web services/'applications'.
  • Generic support: I provide generic hardware, network and Linux/ MacOs/Windows support from time to time (mostly through Soz-IT).
  • Website, Mail, Hosting: I setup websites (usually based on Wordpress or Yellow) from time to time, and offer simple web and mail hosting for small-scale usage.

I am registered as independent (CHE-450.894.425) in Switzerland, and am reachable at for anything having to do with IT.

I am active in various open-source projects such as the configuration management tool and the Fedora Linux distribution).

Computer skills

That's the kind of text you find in (my) resume. It's not relevant for everyone...

I am a Linux system administrator/engineer with experience ranging from small hand-managed infrastructures to large environments and datacenter building blocks. I can build a physical cloud from the ground up (hard- ware, networking, storage, virtualization, containers, configuration-management, monitoring, security topics and mail/web/directory services).

I regularly take up software development and integration tasks alongside standard operation work. I am familiar with the functional, object-oriented and system programming paradigms, as well as with web technologies. I mostly use the Elixir, Shell and Ruby programming languages for my own projects, but have already worked with significant Python, Java/Scala, Perl, golang and C codebases.

Working and exchanging with less technical users is a plus for me - I enjoy explaining, and working with people brings sense to my work. I’ve done so through work, open-source projects and local free-software groups.

Recent work