This page indexes curated balfolk and 'tradional' dance resources across the web, as they're not always easy to discover (or remember). Any addition to this list is welcome - feel free to send me an email with your changes. Many thanks to the Sustainabal 3.0 team (especially Robin, Carmelo, Francesco, Maria, Karl) which helped gather the original data.

Finding balfolk groups and events

  • Belgium
  • France:
    • France is big! There are many scenes and no single go-to way to discover what's going on.
    • AgendaTrad, Vecteur d'information des musiques et danses Trad/Folk.
    • association organizing festival in the Drôme's region.
    • typical dance events (Fest Noz, Fest Deiz) in Brettony.
  • Italy
  • Latvia:
  • Netherlands:
    • National and very comprehensive:
    • National support (official/legal association, financial, advice):
    • Smaller informal groups known in: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Groningen, Zuid-Holland.
  • Switzerland:
    • Balfolk can mostly be found in French and German-speaking areas. The Bern and Basel region are fairly active, followed by french-speaking Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, etc.).
    • Intro/info website at, in German.
    • Public events across all language areas are published on
    • A legal structure, the Fondation Energeia, has been created in 2021 to hold/organize local balfolk assets.
    • Festivals/stages: Tanz im Moos, Les bals Combiers, JooDäio.



  • Naragonia, a well-known accordion duo from Belgium, selling their tunebooks:
  • Rémi Geffroy, a french accordeonist, selling tunebooks and video courses (french):